giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Treviso Comic Book Festival / Toy Night

Toy Night
Well well dear friends, it's time to put online some photos about the last events.
In this post I'd like to show you the result of my toy night, I've been invited to draw a toy during this "supercoolparty" with lots of great artists called Toy Night.
Here you can see my result, I'm pretty happy about this new toy, more "clean" and fortunatly not broken like the last one!

Toy Night / my toy
Toy Night / my toy
Toy Night
A big big thank you to the whole friends of the Toy Night and to Atom Plastic, creators of those toys called Señor Blanco (I don't really like toys but, this is very simple and lovely to personalize). The photos are taken by Ettore Avalerno Garbellotto, Pierantonio Degasperi,
Claudia Zalla, I've put more in my flickr.

Say hello to the Gabibbo by Tuono Pettinato! ♡
The Toy is on sale, contact the Atom Plastic stuff if you are interested in.

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Desi ha detto...

Carini questi omini! ^_^

giulia sagramola ha detto...

ma grazie! :)

marta vilches ha detto...

oh! me encanta la tortuga!