mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Back to school

sporty boy / back to school
An illustration for the article Back to school, on, I had to draw the Sporty Boy look, in the article other 4 illustrations by other 4 illustrators.
Un'illustrazione per l'articolo Back to school, su, io avevo lo stile Sporty Boy, nell'articolo anche altre 4 illustrazioni di altrettanti 4 illustratori.

3 commenti:

Olivilla ha detto...

wo wo wo love your ilustration
are you the author?

Jules Bronson ha detto...

I write just to say hi! from Argentina, cause i love your draws and I folow them every week.

giulia sagramola ha detto...

Olivilla, thank you, yes I'm the author :-)

Hola Jules, muchas gracias! Me hace ilusion saber que alguien se apasiona a mi blog y a mi trabajo! Me encantaria venir en Argentina, besos!