mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

BilBOlBul is gone

BilBOlBul is gone, the festival was very good, I think. Lot's of interesting artists, exhibitions, meetings. A very good bookshop developed by the indipendent comic groups. My personal festival was pretty hard, going around the city, running no stop, solving last minute problems, meeting and following artists, phone calls, a few hours to sleep and more.
I've met lots of beautiful people, soon I'll show some of them in this blog.
A big thank you to all the friends that stayed with me during those strong and amazing days, expecially Cristina, Lucia, Tuono, Sarah, Lucia, Alberto, Marika, Ema, Giulia, Maffi, Bastien, Luca V., Bombo, Eleonora, Alpo and Francesco. And another thank you to Hamelin for those months spent together and Lele Marcojanni for the beautiful videos.
Now, just a couple of pictures taken with my new toy camera Digital Harinezumi, lovely.
Luca Schenardi's exhibition
Ruppert & Mulot
Ale Baronciani & Pietro Corraini
More pictures in my flickr

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