martedì 14 dicembre 2010

Christmas Wishlist #1

Do you remember I've asked you what would you like for Christmas? This is a little piece of my wishlist! Those are just things are always in my wishes, nothing more than this. Maybe it could give you some ideas for your friends!

Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush by Sara Carr

SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi VERSION 2

Hedgehog Gloves from Morehouse Merino

This lovely cape from American Apparel that remember to me my dear friend Cristina

Foxy necklace by Après Ski (I know, I like foxes)

Those Camper shoes, a little bit eccentric, but I love them!

And a lot of books, for example The Exquisite Book.

3 commenti:

LUIGI BICCO ha detto...

The Exquisite Book!
Potrei sfidare una mandria di pachidermi inferociti per averlo.
Se il libro in questione fosse in palio, in effetti li affronterei. Ma forse faccio prima a comprarlo.

Belle segnalazioni :)

Nicla ha detto...

Che belliiiii! La volpe e i guanti piacerebbero anche a me!!

Alessandra Sorrentino ha detto...

Ma quella volpe assonnata e' deliziosa!
Arrivo dal blog di Ilaria, ho letto il post "how to start as an illustrator", sei bravissima.