sabato 20 novembre 2010

OSDN magazine map illustration

OSDN magazine
Hi there, it's a lot I don't use this blog as a proper blog, with frequent posts!
I'm in a creative full-time-working mood but I'm very happy for the results and now I'll try to blog more (I miss it!).
Today I'd like to show you a project I took part some months ago, I've recently received by mail the zine and it looks great! Olesya from OSDN magazine, invited me to draw a part of them Europe Velo Map. Them Fanzine looks well done, with a very interesting contents and a lovely format, but unfortunatly it's in Russian or German only so I can't read it :(

My work was used for a beautiful exhibition and itwas printed on a poster format too.
This was my part of the map, for a nice causality they asked me to draw the Spain (and Portugal!)
OSDN magazine / Europe Velo Map

(the exhibition, last 24th September at Nest Gallery in Berlin)

(this photo is by Thereza Rowe)

With me, there are lots of other talented artists featured in this project, including some of my favourite artists such as Irina Troitskaya, Gemma Correll, Stefano Faoro, Thereza Rowe, Olesya Shchukina and Anna Virtanen.
More over, lots of artists I didn't knew, I particularly liked the work of Dmitry Litvin, Jim Pluk, Evgenia Barinova and Yulia Yakushova.

Finally, enjoy this video about OSDN magazine!
Thank you guys to invite me!

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marta vilches ha detto...

molt bé!
lástima que no te tocara bcn!
un petó

giulia sagramola ha detto...

gracias Martita!!
en principio tenia que hacer el lado con bcn y francia, pero lo cambiaro... ;(