martedì 15 giugno 2010

Officina Weikap!

officina weikap! program
officina weikap! 6 giugno
officina weikap! 27 giugno
officina weikap! 18 giugno
officina weikap! 4 giugno
Weikap! is a program of music, art and litterature events developed in my region (Marche, Italy). The word weikap doesn't mean nothing, it's just how we would write "wake up" if it would be an italian word. The creators of this project are a group of young friends from a little town next to Macerata, who wants to wake up them cities with cultural events.

I'm curating the graphic design and the image of the whole event. The images are inspired by some pictures I've found in flickr and I've interpreted with ink and brush.

The other posters in my flickr.

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