venerdì 1 gennaio 2010

2009 the year of

2009 has been the year of:
my second semester in Barcelona, a 15 days disastrous home rent, a new home that made my lifetime in Bcn amazing, new projects, lots of tapas, my first silkscreened pillow, happy times with my wonderful boyfriend, a short turn back in Urbino, my erasmus friends Esther and Michelle, lots of drawings, amazing parties, big mess in my room, the fantastic Zizì collective exhibition in Bologna, new fanzines, Escola Massana happy times, my dear old ISIA friends (Cate, Erica, Michela, Luna), my first time in Pisa, Duduá inauguration parties, a new bag, Ilu-station festival de fanzine, a little trip with Cristina in Girona, despedidas, my goodbye to Barcelona, my goodbye to ISIA lifetime, a summer passed in italian islands, my first workshop at Freeshout, a new life in Pisa, first Zizì exhibition in Paris, my first trip in Paris.
And lots of other fantastic things like Madrid holiday with Kike, the tea time with Carmen, the funny and surreal days passed with Arianna and Martina, Albarracin workshop, Lucca Comics, my illustration workshop at Castelvecchio, the two days with Stefano and the convicts of Spoleto jail, the exhibition in Pisa with Lucia and Tuono.
This year I met lots of new friends, I'm sooooo glad for that.

Thank you 2009, you have been incredible and I'll miss you.

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2 commenti:

miremari ha detto...

che il 2010 sia per noi pieno di soddisfazioni, di lavoro, di creatività e di cuore :)

csr ha detto...

muy lindo tu 2oo9 giulia.
si estás por barcelona no olvides en llamarme y así te doy tu bolsa con cositas. besos